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Introducing XXX Traction's latest contribution to the World of Big Trucks!

The XXX Traction Straight Axle Conversion Kit

The Fabricators at XXX Traction have used their extensive knowledge and first hand experience to create an ideal solution for some of off roading's most frustrating problems.

With the XXX Traction Straight Axle Conversion Kit, you won't spend your time worrying about breaking down on the trail or replacing worn out steering and suspension parts. The XXX Traction Straight Axle Conversion Kit is THE answer you have been waiting for!

The XXX Traction Straight Axle Conversion Kit offers incredible benefits:

  • Better steering Better handling Better than stock ride
  • Better towing capabilities
  • No more worn out IFS parts
  • Stronger axle
  • Better off road capabilities



"The truck drives great and is getting all kinds of attention. People are stopping by the house and looking at it. I am a very h I am a very happy guy. Whatever the price is, PAY IT, it's well worth it. "

Jack Shelton, Four Wheeler Magazine's Top Truck Challenge Judge

"In my opinion, it rides better than stock. I have had several people drive it and they simply cant believe how well it handles, feels, etc."


"My truck rides awesome, and can tackle anything I throw at it on road and off road. I believe with this set up it rides better than stock ifs. And it is night and day compared to how it was before with a leaf spring set up. The workmanship and quality is phenomenal. I live in South Ca, and drove my truck up to Toby and his shop in Seaside with out meeting him in person. And when I picked up my truck and drove it for the first time I was blown away, this set up is bad ass. What ever the price and what ever the distance is does not matter, it is worth it. I will be taking my truck back up to Toby for more work to be done. Toby is a stand up guy, you can trust his work and his word."

Mackie Murphey


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