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Thanks for your interest in the XXX Traction Straight Axle Conversion Kit.

Because there are so many variables, please contact Toby at (831) 899-2144 to discuss your project before ordering.


  • 7-10" kit: $4000.00 without shocks | $5500.00 with shocks
  • 10-13" kit: $4500.00 without shocks | $6000.00 with shocks

All kits are bare steel. Powder Coating any color is an additional $800.00

5,500.00 kit includes:

  • All Brackets
  • Skid Plate
  • Shock Mounts
  • Links
  • Bushings
  • Ballistic Joints
  • Hardware
  • Steering Linkage
  • Track Bar
  • 10" Trravel ICON Coil Over Shocks with a kick ass progressive Coil Spring

Everything totally welded, bare steel. Powder Coating can be any color you want and is an additional $600.00 - $800.00. All the Powder Coating companies in the area are expensive, I have no control over their prices and I don't mark up the cost.


The standard kit is 7"-10". Perfect height for 35-37" tires IMO, up to 40's if you want to trim the fenders. The kit will stretch the wheel base by about 2". XXX Traction also offers a kit for 10"-13". Just add $500.00.

We use a 2005-2011 Super Duty "Super 60" front axle. In 2005, Ford totally redesigned their front Dana 60 and they call it the "Super 60". It's really a bad ass axle! It has 4" Tubes, 35 spline inner and outer axle shafts, BIG brakes, 4 piston Calipers, Locking Hubs, Sealed Axle Tubes, uses a standard Dana 60 Ring and Pinion and Carrier. It uses WAY bigger Unit Bearings than the dreaded '04 and older axles. It also has a much wider Ball Joint spread than the '04 and older so the Ball Joints last longer and it already has ABS. Trust me, it's the way to go!

Other things you'll need for the conversion:

  • Front Drive Shaft $450.00.
  • Front Brake Hoses $225.00, that's dual hoses so the ABS will work all the way from the Track Bar mount, down the Drag Link and out to both wheels.
  • Signal Converter for the ABS $325.00
  • Slip Yoke Eliminator kit $550.00
  • The "Pump Wear Plate" should be installed at the same time $50.00.
  • Hydro assist is a $1300.00 upgrade if you want that. You'll have to convert you're steering box to the 4 spline Sector Shaft. Since you'll be re-working the Steering Box anyway that's a great time to upgrade to Hydro Assist (You'll LOVE it!)
  • Sway Bar $350.00. It's completely unnecessary IMO but nice to have.
  • You'll need to decide how you want to lift the rear. I recomend Deaver Springs and can get you good deals on all the rear stuff you'll need. Just let me know what lift height you want.


You can install the kit yourself or we charge $3,500.00 to complete the intallation -- $4000.00 for instalation if you supply your own used axle and we have to rebuild/gear/convert it. (For some reason everyone wants to supply their own axle, which doesn't really save any montey in the end)

It takes 2-3 weeks to get all the parts and axle finished and ready to go in the rig. If we do the installation, we will need the rig for 2-3 days.


Completely refurbished "Super 60's" for $4,500.00.

  • New Brake Pads,
  • Resurfaced Rotors,
  • New Axle U-Joints
  • New Ball Joints,
  • Hubs Converted to the 8 on 6.5" Bolt Pattern
  • New Ring and Pinion (any ratio you want, all new seals through out)
  • All brackets totally installed and fully welded and painted black
  • 100% ready to BOLT IN along with my kit.

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